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Underground Panther in the Sky!

The trouble with media manipulation

by Underground Panther in the Sky
Friday, August 30, 2002

Two quotes I've heard recently on MSNBC 'Buchanan and Press', referring to the dog-gassing tapes shown constantly for a day and a half on CNN:

"Make that dog your baby, make that dog your wife make that dog yourself. . . " Talk about MANIPULATIVE.

"I haven't heard a peep about those tapes elsewhere on TV. Until NOW. Why?" Well, Cheney just announced we are going to war. Cheney's speech interrupted the 'Buchanan and Press' show.

This tension, emotional exploitation, and repeating the subject, with image cut-off and delay, is a technique of manipulation used in advertising to promote war or purchases of things we don't need.

Media technicians always operate in a milieu of sophistic relativism. We get the news "live via satellite with a 3 minute delay." They are filtering our "live" reality for us. Do you really think the three minute delay is there to avoid the awkward circumstances where someone might cuss on the air or to give technicians time to blur out people's sexual body parts??? Puh leeze. Everything in media is carefully orchestrated to create an appearance, from makeup on newscasters to scripted reports. The news and TV ain't real life. It's an imitation of reality, commenting on reality.

The Media continually measures cost effectiveness, work against sales, votes public attitudes and opinion changes. The media is a BUSINESS owned by businessmen. Truths are manufactured to order. If the public does not question the purpose of media reports they will be misled into error that they thought was unbiased or accurate.

Do you trust Enron executives to tell the truth? No. Then why trust corporate owned media?

Audience-perceived realities (like threats, or problems, reactions, and the appearance of solutions) are manipulated to appear as objective realities. Like it's TRUE. It is good to question what others or "experts" say sometimes. Everyone has an agenda like an opinion.

Media created tension is a psychological conditioning tool. Videos like the dog deaths are used to intensify public tension deliberately ... especially bad news like war, famine etc. It is used to increase tension, the feeling that danger is lurking around us. We find ourselves feeling vulnerable, deep inside.

And just pretending we don't feel vulnerable eases the uncomfortable feeling of vulnerability in a sort of psychological denial, as shouts for war ring from shore to shore.

Like a school bully, we are insecure, uncertain, and when tension is increased we react and attack a 'threat' regardless of their weaker status. 'The enemy is a threat' no time to think pound them! Maybe active domination will take away vulnerability or uncertainty, by forcing a certain outcome. Fuhgetaboutit — go do something, like tear it down.

Then we can feel secure, knowing that awful unknown threat is neutralized. And we NEVER knew what it was really, other than feeling how it made us uncomfortable ... and the triumph of it being no longer uncomfortable.

This would be natural self defense if it wasn't manufactured for empire. Are you "America"? Do you make the important decisions in your life? Like when you will die? How much wages will you get? Can you refuse to pay taxes?

I am not America. I am me. And I can make up my own mind.

When the media asks 'What is on America's mind?,' look out. What the media's really asking is: Are people confused? In denial? Scared? Tension-saturated and psychologically conditioned enough to die for the leader's land grabs, while thinking they are saving wimmon and children and the freedom to worship the big spook in the sky?

This negative 'doom and violence' news is a form of media-engineered repression. And the American people are so conditioned to want negativity in news that good news (NOT the Christian propaganda) does not SELL. What does that say about the average Joe Q. Public's perceptions and expectations of reality?!

Emotional significance is a basic criterion for repression or exclusion of information from conscious awareness. If you got upset at seeing a cute dog die, and you could not relax seeing those images, and you quickly got the remote and changed the channel you were being manipulated emotionally. Meanwhile everyday a child is abducted. Amber alerts are everywhere. Turn off the TV. Discuss what you fear with other people.

Our eyes make some 100,000 fixations a day, but only a small fragment are remembered consciously. They still register in the brain.

Freud proved, and marketing proves again that the things we see are never lost. They remain lurking in our unconscious.

Sometimes they are remembered and symbolized in dreams. In his Law of Exclusion, Austrian psychologist Otto Poetzle proved consciously-acquired stimuli are excluded from dreams.

Conscious memory and perception appears limited by what individuals or groups perceptually will avoid (suffering, war, famine, dogs being tortured). Things that are repressed are remembered later on ... if there is a cue.

Most folks would be so disgusted at seeing dogs tortured, they'd quickly change the channel ... but the image has already registered in their brain. It is denied and shunted away to the unconscious where unpleasant memories go. And these un-acknowledged repressed memories can influence behavior, including everything from relationships to food preferences or sexual habits/fetishes.

The public is being set up and the media has executed a program to warp our consent to war. The tapes were bought by CNN for telecasting.

"Make that dog your baby, make that dog your wife, make that dog yourself..." When a repressed image is called forth a week or so later, it can be easily engineered to form a consent, interacting with our repressed emotions and the right words. After those tapes were played over and over, and you refused to acknowledge the horrific image implanted in your mind, this technique works. The images get excluded, and wind up coming out later.

It's easy to see the purpose of the "program" concerning the dogs. We are told to associate ourselves with the helpless dogs imprisoned by evil men in glass cages dying.

It is no coincidence, after the temporary media silence on this issue, that the only time I've heard about the dog tapes in several days was after Cheney's speech for war.

How many people don't choose to make this connection consciously? How many people, upon hearing the line on 'Buchanan and Press,' "make that dog your baby," will associate that with the manipulative effect of hearing of numerous child abductions?

The fear they are manufacturing IS: "What if those evil terrorist Muslim Arabic people caught my child and stuck her in a glass box and raped, murdered, and gassed her for giggles-n-shits?"

This is what the media has manufactured and wants you to fear. without being aware of it, when you talk politics. If you want verification of this, OBSERVE what people say how often gas, kids, terror, Arab, and Islam are mentioned. OBSERVE how these topics are brought up in REACTIONARY ways. Look at what opinions are selected for broadcast on the media's call-in programs.

The Chicken-hawks in Washington want you to react to this half-conscious manufactured perception as if it is TRUE. Without question. They want you to assume the ol' "We go to war to protect the wimmon and children for Gawd and country" line. Forget about Enron and Global Crossing, soldier your child could be locked in a glass box, or YOU could be gassed by these middle eastern Nazis ... in anti-Christian ways!

It is hard to stand back and refuse to react and fear this scenario the media manufactures, when emotional defenses run high. Everyone thinks their babies are in danger ... as they ironically ship their sons away to face exactly what they are told to fear, to die.

Sadly, the social pressure to agree with such a "noble" natural urge to protect wimmon and children and dogs for Gawd and country is incredible. Fantasy and fact are confused with each other.
It is sad to think that people are being made too tense to give themselves a perceptual 3 minute delay, like the delay the media imposes on reality. Slow down, think about what you are reacting to. Ask questions and gauge your reactions.

Here is an old Marketer's saw: People who refuse to believe they can never be manipulated, are the ones most easy to manipulate.

2002, Underground Panther in the Sky.

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