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Underground Panther in the Sky!

The trouble with al Qaeda ...

by Underground Panther in the Sky

Have you noticed, after all these child abduction stories, we get videos of dogs and other animals being tortured for testing chemical weaponry? Normally this side of business is hidden from the public eye, but it has always been business as usual for chemical and biological weapons makers.

Why are these tapes out shocking the public now? And what do these tapes say about the average American's social relational skills? First of all, we need to realize that there is a deep public selective amnesia.

Forgotten by most are the photos and articles about Osama bin Laden and Bush brokering an oil deal that failed to happen before the "war on terror". Forgotten is the American government's habit of propping up dictatorial regimes, not for "democracy" but for the almighty profit. Forgotten are the obscene acts of animal cruelty done every day by American pharmaceutical companies, slaughterhouses, and make-up and shampoo manufacturers.

What makes you think these tapes were not created by our tax dollars dollars we shovel unquestioningly to our exploiting government-corporate-military, that convinces us we are free when we never truly own what we buy? Would you write a check for half your income and give it away, saying "Do what you want with it, " to just anyone? No!! You would want to know what the money is for. You'd want an explanation, and you'd want to be shown what it was going to be spent on, and then you'd want proof it was spent for what they said it was.

Why then do we write a collective blank check for "Uncle Sam?" Why don't we expect the government we support to show us the numbers, and account for where the money goes like we would expect from any other people we gave money to? The Bush administration will not even show Congress what it does with our money!!?? So then how do we loudly complain we don't like what he does with our money, when we don't even know what is done? And we don't bother to find out?

Uncle Sam wants us all upset at seeing the dying pooches in a rush of emotion, so we fail to remember. Bush and Bin Laden were buddies and America funded them.

Of course they'd want evidence of work being done. These tapes might have been proof that al Qaeda was doing the job we paid them to do.

What might have led up to this? Ask yourself why. Is it because these so-called "powers that be" want our lives on the line so they may control the oil and grab land and deepen the hatred the world has for the United States? Bush can hide underground when the world wrath comes, but we the people can't. We the people have let ourselves become expendable, and we will be expended if we go to war and invite the wrath of the world into a fight we citizens didn't provoke.

The "government" can already grab our homes or cars from us if we refuse to pay taxes on what we already paid for, or if we refuse to let them track our whereabouts by license plate numbers. We live in a culture of psychological coercion, and we will not even admit to ourselves we are not free. We think this is normal because we know nothing else and never have. Even abused kids in foster care want to go home to the familiar . . . even if Mommie and Daddy locked them in cages threatened and battered them.

To dare to ask, What was the date when these animal torture tapes were made? That question does not diminish the pain reaction, but it changes the entire propagandic goal the government had in showing us the dying puppies. Were the tapes made while America was funding bin Laden's guerrillas to beat the Russians to the oil in the Caspian Sea? Was America funding the gas tests so Bin Laden could kill more Russian soldiers? If the dates match up, then very possibly we are seeing our tax dollars at work in those videotapes.

Part of our irresponsibly generous unregulated money flow, all given away to government, entails unsavory things that are not in our interest. And it happens more when we are not interested. The money each of us must slave half the year to earn at jobs we hate does it go to the gassing of dogs by our "friends" in business, fighting a war for us, who turned to enemies when they didn't agree with American business and corporations?

America didn't get to be the richest, most powerful country in the world by being "nice." It is a warlike, greedy country, and full of cutthroat competition. America has used biological weapons: Smallpox-infested blankets were used in the American genocide of the Indian nations, yet because the American people have developed National Alzheimer's disease, they never remember the historical proof of the boldfaced hypocrisies invading their living rooms on TV.

Bush spins away, reading prepared statements he didn't even write, and we nod like robots' heads on a spring.

Americans have been lied to over and over, and as long as it is comforting to our powerless, insecure, hopeless lives we will keep watching the shadows dance on the cave wall and call that reality like good little citizens.

Sometimes the shadows mimic the truth. Through history the truth has been used as a tool of war, profit and control. That is why America looks powerful. It isn't for America's ability to share with others who are less fortunate. It isn't about freedom or "democracy". Even Norway outdoes the US in aid for altruistic purposes.

Look how atomized and intimidated Americans are. They don't care about themselves or this world enough to speak their minds in public, to question the boss, church, or schoolmaster. So forget speaking out on politics.

Sure, we are a disenfranchised people. And we the people created this, by our tolerance of lies, apathy, insecurity, forgetfulness, patriotism, all the things that money brings. It's unfashionable to have strong opinions when there's a war on or the economy is 'struggling'. When we believe that we are becoming all-day suckers for wannabe dictators, fainting lilies scared to offend, we duck low to avoid the anger of the household tyrant. Our household government.

Fearful that having a "radical" opinion might risk our little job, cost us money or public esteem, we are now cowards. Each one of us who are silent, obedient and timid are opening the door of corporate fascism. Instead of taking out our despair on those who cause it, for profit we take it out on each other our outrage about injustice and our denied dreams we take it out on each other, at home, in the street, or in the bar.

And that is just how the oligarchies who are in power like us drunk, easily provoked and duped, divisive, abusive, inhibited, trusting of government and mistrusting of each other, obedient to authority in symbol, and loyal ... to the flag.

We are not going after the government's interests like we should, which would be in our interest. Nor are watching what they are doing, independent of the media they own, using the leash of public opinion to curb their injustices deposited here or abroad. That is our real patriotic duty. And we aren't using our brains and remembering what they did to us and others before, all in the name of greed.

So the corporate leaders feel safe torturing dogs in private with nerve gas in America, at places like Ft. Detrich, as well as funding al Qaeda overseas with our tax dollars, to secure the oil field from Russian competition. They know we will forget about it all and not get involved. They know how to mobilize us, just by showing us something that tears open an old, deep childhood wound. Evoke memories of the death of a pet, long buried in the heart of a sad little boy that is now a frustrated unhappy man staggering under the burdens of being an adult/wage slave in this culture, and they've got us.

A person can't grow up in this culture without dying inside. They can't see themselves as autonomous, self-sufficient, empowered, free-thinking beings with many facets. To feel empowered reminds the citizen of the life being stolen from them hour by hour, of the tears penned up.

Know that the drums of war this time will march to the tune of a secret or minimized heartbreak of long ago that still cuts the heart like broken glass in a culture where boys don't cry and most abused children will not be allowed heal and will grow up to beat the love of country into their kids. We do not let ourselves feel pain and work out why we feel as we do emotionally, under penalty of looking "weak" or "hysterical," or being suspected of "asking for it," or just thinking outside the box things your bigoted parents would accuse you of, as if it was a bad thing, when you were associating with those bad kids, those hippies, when you were having sex, dressing differently, getting tattoos, going down a road they judged "bad" ... to freedom and exploration, self empowerment, healing and relating as human beings.

What way can you provoke a nation of lonely, insecure, busy, atomized government-work-society-created, misanthropes stuck in cruel social conditioning of learned helplessness, excessive greed and consumer competition? How can you convince them to go to war and kill themselves and whoever they can kill?

Just show a tape over and over on the media, of Enemy X killing an innocent cute sentimental animal on TV.

Years ago it was women and children that provoked the visceral reaction not any more. Our empathy for humans is dulled to the point that human deaths just can't provoke a war anymore. Many people think humanity is just a plague on the Earth anyway. The US government took a tip from the pedophiles threaten their pets, to get them to do what you want!

To the observer, deep down, secretly ... animals (especially pets) are the last true friends we have in our American lives, still capable of unconditional love, who care when we cry out in pain. These things we need to live, that we never seem to find in other humans when we relate to them as valid, unique beings capable of love, in this dog-eat-dog society.

Addendum: I researched more on the dog gassing tapes. Some say CNN bought those tapes from an undisclosed contact in Afganistan (uh huh) and they were made, they guessed, from 1998 and 2001.But funny who got those tapes from Al Queda? Was it really just found by some Afgan dude poking around a house bin Laden was at? And don't you think American agents, if they want bin Laden so damned bad, would have swarmed over that house looking for evidence? How could they ignore 30 or so video tapes with titles like munitions, kidnappping, etc.?

Some of these tapes may show Al -Queda doing some stupid militia crap, but can you ever be sure they aren't staged. Can you ever trust "undisclosed sources" in corporate media with an agenda of it's own that isn't about freedom for everyone,just freedom for themselves?

 —Underground Panther in the Sky

2002, Underground Panther in the Sky.

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The trouble with Aryans....

by Underground Panther in the Sky
Friday, July 26, 2002

The trouble with racists or Aryans is they want to live in isolation with people like themselves and they can't do it while they are interdependent, living like the rest of us in a global village. Because humans are so prevalent, and 90% or more of the planet is owned and unoccupied by the top 10% of corporate wealthy landowners, and we the "un-elites" are crowded together to make ends meet in a system built on greed and consumption. (lower rents and jobs are in the city), the racist insecure among the general population are frustrated. Racists and CEO's have not grown out of futile game of elitism. Racists cling to tribal race bloodline fantasies as much as CEO's cling to million dollar mansions and Porsches as signs of their worth. Unlike the super-rich, many racists cannot easily move away from the folks they don't like.

In reality a lot of us must live together closely to get to work, and compete for jobs we hate to do, if we don't have rich uncles with money to maintain a car or supplement our incomes and move us out to the 'burbs away from those 'inferiors.' The crowded-in cope with the same issues as racists do, and have to cope with paranoid misdirected racists who haven't realized the real issue was created long ago, when mankind accepted the fantasy than men could be elites over commoners or slaves that "kings" or "leaders" could solve our personal issues for us, that being loyal to tribe, tradition or chief could make our lives better personally. As if the person we the people give all the power and money to really cares, as a fellow equal human being, about the people he beats into submission.

This lie of superiority, however good it feels to the ego, leads to all humanity being exploited, and all of us being crowded as mere chattel into apartments, isolated from one another, as strangers, worked to death by wealthy, greedy corporations. As we go on working to support the habit of consuming useless products to fill up a deep-learned feeling of powerlessness, dissatisfaction and emptiness inside, we dig the hole of disempowerment and evasion deeper.

The corporations love you, racists, because they know, with the ever-consuming wage slaves fighting amongst each other and other races, too scared to relate and live their lives without cops to stop the bully racists, who are unwilling to step out of reaction to see the bigger picture that nobody's free, nobody will dare to be free. The corporate class can rule as our hidden masters through our very beliefs, which they want to foist on us. Beware it is elites and wannabe elites in the human heart who exploit us all . Every bully carries shame. He wants to hide in terror from the very people that gave him power to rule them. To keep power these bullies will continue to confound, confuse and create dilemmas amongst the citizens of Earth, and you racist insecure dumbshits take their bait and believe the ______ race is "superior.

Racists and the narrow reactive P. C. types perpetuate the same lies that keep all humankind oppressed by oligarchies and elites hiding behind corporate identities. But of course, I know the racists who find their sense of identity and security for their hypocritically dishonest flagging egos in lost glory dreams. They will embrace the core of the corporate-indoctrinated beliefs that cause the real problems, and the lack of self-sovereignty racists feel so keenly and so easily blame on other races. (The painful problems I am referring to, that unaware racists must realize are not race-based, are problems all but the very wealthy face genetically modified and unhealthy food, poverty in a huge chaotic rigged pyramid scam called "free markets," government invasion of privacy, corporate/elites land ownership, child abuse, etc.

Yet they'll deny this, and say they are the captain of their own destiny and go on blaming the hated races. Racists are not self-sovereign people. They are oppressed and controlled ... and the racists will rationaLIES this. They will say anything short of giving up the glory of their tribal traditions, their fantasy kings of the past, as long as it gives meaning to their lives now, veiling their dreaded counter-fantasies of insignificant suffering.

No-one is free when someone makes themselves an elite, not even the elites.

Because for a race to call itself elite, there must be an "inferior" race to be "superior" to. This is the dream of the insecure and suffering. Give up the lie of elitism and the puritan work ethic that keeps exploiters happy, and walk away from this system. Or fight the real enemy, dismantle the invisible system of lies called "real," created by the system to serve the system. A house of lies made co-opted beliefs is what holds you and everyone else in this massive chain gang.

We all react in different ways to this unnatural oppressive system of power-over us. Some can hold their cool better, some let the frustration out in mental illness, physical illness, thoughtless rebellion, reaction to rebellion, or some find religion, or express it through angry or deconstructive art. If this game of "king me" is voluntarily stopped by the entire human race, you might find yourself so free and unafraid of the people who are your equals it will dawn on you that the people you once hated were never the real threat and cause of misery. You were taught to believe they were. Those who hate power are just as addicted to the game of getting power-over as those who shun it by seeking power in exerting power-over the power seekers they feel threaten them!

Wake up, you racists, and also you few eracists with little empathy for the painful threatening confusion racists suffer from in their lives. You rabid P. C. folks love being cops to the point you forget the crushing insecurity that is under a racist's words of hate, the crushing insecurity that causes the very oppression that makes racists! I know racism hurts humanity, but don't think for one minute those words of hate come from a peaceful stable emotional life. P.C. corrections aren't helping any racist see the painful reality of oppression inside themselves they project on race. You are being a slanted censor to stoke a pressure-cooker, reinforcing their feelings of oppression without realizing it.

Persuasion used to mean something other than lies. It used to mean using well thought out sound arguments in a many sided honest debate to win over a person willingly to your position. Bullying is not persuasion. It's coercion. Racists know about coercion and persuasion, and they use poisoned honey.

P. C. types deny that is what they do. Why not become aware of it and STOP coercing one another and relate you both have pain right? Reason together, support one another, strive to relate and become friends, personally. Talk honestly about how life hurts in a sick society, support one another and grow out of belief-based domination. And learn to be free. It's not easy to be free if you are afraid to bear your soul.

Truth is, persuasive arguments can win more flies with honey than vinegar, even if the honey is poisoned. Look at how hate groups recruit unhappy, lonely people with empathy. They seek potential racists by relating to their immediate fear and plight. They give sweet support, build their confidence and give them answers and someone who cares. And being sweet like that, simply to make a better relationship with the world, does not mean being stupidly tolerant or coercing anyone. It's about relating to them as valued human beings.

The confused, easily-misdirected hatred of different "sides" is what benefits and exactly what causes humankind and the very Earth itself pain. We can learn to disagree without hate or threat, if we are secure in ourselves and our innate power enough to care about the well-being of others equally. We need to heal ourselves and heal each other and learn how to accept our self-sovereignty responsibly. This takes true, open, genuine human character, without the will to dominate or coerce. It takes courage, intelligent judicial tolerance, vulnerable power, and transparent speech. If you can do this, you can help a lot just by opening your mouth and exposing your heart to a world competing for attention to be accepted and valued by another human being.

2002, Underground Panther in the Sky.

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